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The YouTube Ads Grid: A 3-Step System to Build YouTube Ads Campaigns that Generate More Leads & Sales

Want to hit a home run on your next YouTube ads campaign?

Then you’ll need to combine the right targeting options with a great ad that’s tailor-made for each specific audience.

And in this post, you’re going to discover how to do just that.

You’ll learn how to build YouTube ads campaigns that effectively target prospects in all three phases of the buying cycle using my brand-new “YouTube Ads Grid.”

Youtube Traffic

How to Use YouTube End Screens to Get More Visitors, Sales, & Revenue From YouTube Traffic

Plenty of marketers think having a YouTube presence is enough. They’re wrong.

YouTube’s new feature called YouTube End Screens sees to it that if you’re not using End Screens—and not using them well— you’re leaving all that highly engaged potential YouTube traffic you could be generating out in the cold.

YouTube has launched some huge companies. Take Six Pack Shortcuts, for example, an Austin company that started as a humble YouTube channel… and has grown into a thriving business with over 4.5 million subscribers.

Another, Dollar Shave Club, a brand-new company that grew into a $1 billion acquisition thanks largely to a few great YouTube ads.

As the world’s second-biggest search engine, YouTube has the power to drive a MASSIVE amount of traffic to your content.

Now, thanks to End Screens, you’ll be able to send even more of your highly engaged YouTube traffic to your website…

…resulting in more visitors, sales, and revenue!

Before we get into how you should be using YouTube End Screens to drive more visits and sales from YouTube, first I want to explain why you should care about this nifty feature.

Youtube Traffic

How to Build an Organic Traffic System on YouTube

Is it too late to start a YouTube channel in 2019? Today’s guest, Sunny Lenarduzzi, is here to assure us that it’s not too late, and there is plenty of opportunity to grow a personal brand and organic traffic system, as well as teach us how to capitalize off of it.

Sunny uses Molly as her guinea pig to show us how to start a personal brand from the ground up. Sunny shares her YouTube secrets, including how changing a video title helped her client reach 6 million views, the 2 types of calls to action to place in each video, and how to get YouTube to place your video in their algorithm.